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Volume Booster

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Increases system-wide volume — up to 9x louder beyond the max Mac normal level
Boosts sound from any app — works with any output device
Adaptive limiter with adjustable threshold
Mackbook, iMac, Air, Mini - covers all types for High Sierra and newer MacOS


3D Equalizer

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10-channel equalizer with 3-D surround effect
28 predefined + up to 100 user profiles
VU & spectral meters with configurable color schemes


Individual Ranges

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You can set one volume range and max gain for all devices or individually for each device.
For instance, lower values for headphones and higher for a soundbar.
The app changes the settings automatically upon output device selection.
Similarly configurable is active equalizer profile.



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Startup wizard allows you to smootly integrate the app into your environment.
Intuitive documentation will help you with setting of every single feature.
Nearly online email support is available, if necessary.


Adaptive Limiter

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Built-in limiter safeguards you from too loud audio if the output signal exceeds a settable threshold.
The standard threshold range is -10...0 dB and if you wish, you can set even values > 0 (up to +6 dB).


App Reviews

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Great app! Juice your speakers
This app is really great! I have a couple of external speakers connected to my MacBook Pro. Having ZOOM Meetings some times is dificult to hear what others say even with a nice pair of speakers. With this app, I am really getting every single word from them just with a click and choosing one of the presets- profiles ( Spoken Word). It applies also to many Youtube videos. Then enjoying Spotify and other music streams is really a pleasure. The quality of the sounds is increadibly improved with this app.
Gerente Desordenado
Great App, even better support!
This app is fantastic. An amp that actually works! I got it for listening to music while I work, but honestly the improvement for meetings is noticable too when using the voice presets. And when I had one tiny issue (UI only, no audio issues at all) I reached out to the dev and he responded almost immediately to get feedback on how to improve it.
Chris #815
United States
OMG, thank-you
Wishing Spotify didn't sound so crap on my desktop, saw there was no equalizer function in the app, started looking. Found this and it's more than I could have hoped for.
United States
Great for near deaf people!
This app solves a huge problem for people with hearing loss. With the ability to change the sound quality and boost the "Stock" volume!
United States
Works great. So loud!
The environment effects are nice, too.
United States
Great App...Great
I did not know what I was missing until I downloaded this app. It works great! The sound is impeccable. Thanks.
Tumeker Hammond
United States
Speaker Amp
Works great with online gaming. Speaker Amp gives you the ability to hear footsteps in game, giving you an edge aganist competitors.
United States
Super Sound
I replaced Boom 2 with SpeakerAmp. I didn't regret it. It's perfect and the sound much much better.
United Arab Emirates
Speaker Amp
I am a long time Windows user who came to the Mac platform when my daughter gave me an older mid 2012 MacBook Pro which I have come to enjoy very much and use much more than my Windows machine. However since my hearing is not quite what it used to be I was using my earphones or buds a lot to listen to various things on it. When I found the SpeakerAmp app searching for something that would increase the volume, I had to try it, especially since it state it was system wide.
United States
It is obvious upon immediately launching this app that care and attention was put into this product. The setup tutorial walks you through everything you need to know, with links to download the non-included system audio driver (which I highly recommend if you use Spotify). The audio quality coming out is excellent, the audio equalizer works as expected and you can create your own custom profiles. Loving it.
I've been using the boom app for years now because it was really the only eq on the store that was easy to download this app sounds just as good if not better without all the useless gargage that came with boom that really nobody uses. all people want is a simle straight forward eq this has a smaller imprint which ok im hoping they come out with a full paid version with added features for high res. although i like the small foot print would be nice to improve the size of interface
Fun App!
What an enjoyable app to use. I love to fiddle with my music and this app gives me more options. I just installed it today and so far it's trouble free. I have an outboard DAC, amp, bookshelf speakers, and a small sub, using the Music App on my iMac as my source, and it really adds to my music. Thank you!
United States
Excellente app facile à utiliser regrette juste l’absence de compresseur ça aurait eté juste parfait.
EQ for Mac works!
Finally a general EQ that works for all sound output for Mac! So Spotify, iTunes, YouTube etc can all now sound better. Would be good if the actual equalizer slider bars were a little bigger but it does the job. Many thanks!
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